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The automobile is driven into the entry bay of the automated parking set up and left over at the space provided. The Driver locks the automobile and leaves. A load cell in the cradle measures the weight of the automobile. Sensors - measure the height, width and length of the automobile. If the automobile\range*(Optional features are provided for various sizes) is appropriate for parking, the system accepts the automobile and prints out and issues an electronically encoded ID card to the driver of the accommodated vehicle.

A motion sensor monitored by an attendant ensures that no people/animals/ inflammables/ explosives are left in the automobile. Once the card is issued, a shutter closes the opened vent and a transfer mechanism holds up the automobile along with the cradle. The central computer identifies the vacant parking slot for the automobiles. A vertical mechanism raises the automobile to the appropriate level and the cradle base elongates pushing the automobile in to the vacant slot and deposits the automobile in the space. Within each parking slot, there is provision for considering various sizes and weight of the automobile. Limit switches and proximity sensors are provided to ensure that automobiles are safely positioned without touching the walls or materials it surrounds. Sophisticated fire detection and alarm system ensures the safety of automobiles within the total structure. CCTV survey equipment also ensures that no unauthorized persons are allowed entry into the structure so that the system is safe from theft or burglary. (The automated control system provides for innovative and efficient placing and usage of the parking slots. It is possible to issue out "SMART CARDS for regular users, which allow for monthly billing for usage of the parking. Short and long term parking can also be selected for quick access and delivery. Option can be provided for automatic servicing and air checking and so on.)

The entire system uses highly efficient drive mechanisms with absorbed very lower power levels. (HP!!). Backup generators are provided for operation during power failure. Manual override systems and indispensable controllers allow for emergency retrieval of automobiles even during power failure. When the driver returns to pick up the automobile, he deposits the card to the automatic card reader. The central computer then locates the automobile. The transfer mechanism performs all the operations in reverse and brings back the automobile to the exit bay for delivery. As there are multiples of such working systems positioned appropriately, automobiles can be taken and deposited simultaneously. This can be accessed by even by a mobile call. The structure of the automobile parking rack comprises of steel frame with steel or reinforced concrete slabs. Storage area and number of levels of racks can be multiplied accordingly, as the demand arises. The facade of Automobile Park is usually designed to blend with the surroundings. The entire functioning of the system can be viewed from outside*.