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As the automobile arrives at the entrance of the mechanism (which is assisted by an attendant*), the system automatically starts performing the scheduled functions step by step. The driver of the automobile can leave his automobile in the entry bay of the structure. The automobile left in the entry bay is itself moved inside by the system. The circular or semi circular arrangement of the lower level i.e., the ground level of the parking system is carousal. The automobile is shifted from the entrance in to the adjacent slots one by one, up to the maximum vacant space in the ground level.

Subsequently from the nearest ground level, the automobile is pulled towards by the moving cradle which is mounted on the central shaft erected at the middle portion of the system. Proceeding with the turret step, the automobile in the rotating cradle is disbursed to a vacant slot to the nearest leveled rack.

This procedure is being repeatedly applied and thus effective parking is made simple. The retrieval of the automobile is the reverse application of the loading system. The most enlightened importance and advantages of the system is that both loading of one and unloading of another can be done at the same time, thus saving stipulated time in minimal space.